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Online Asian Dominoes Requires a Bit of Strategy

There are some casino games that provide players with more of a challenge. Most card games require players to use a degree of strategy in order to win. Online Asian gambling sites have introduced a new version of the traditional western card game, which is played using domino tiles. On an Asian gambling website this game is often referred to as bandar ceme, which simply put means dominoes played against their version of the casino's house.

How to Play Online Dominoes

For those people familiar with the traditional game of dominoes where the tiles are laid end to end with matching dots, the game of bandar ceme is nothing like that. Instead this game is quite similar to the classic western game of blackjack or 21. As a game played against the house, players need to keep track of which tiles have already been played to avoid going over the target number. Many of the rules for blackjack apply to the Asian game of online dominoes including the house wins on 21 regardless of what number a player has. This game does require a bit of strategy to beat the odds of the tiles being dealt.

The Thrill of Live Action Gaming

In addition to playing a game requiring a bit of strategy, an online game of dominoes will often be presented as a group activity. The gaming table is open for a specific number of players to join in the game. In some instances, the game could even pit players against each other, creating more of a poker style game. One of the benefits to playing dominoes online is the ability to interact with the other players via an in game message system. Another big advantage to playing bandar ceme online is the ability to join in a game any time of the day or night. 

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